Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of the frequently asked questions regarding sailing in Croatia. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone/WhatsApp: +385 91 505 5933.

How and when should you make a reservation?

All reservations happen online. Just click "BOOK NOW" link from the main menu and fill in the form. I will always reply as soon as possible.

How can I check your sailboat availability?

You need to contact me for final availability confirmation always, and I am answering you back as soon as possible. Specific days in the middle season can sell out rapidly (date available at the present moment can be reserved a few hours later), so I encourage you to contact me as soon is possible in advance to check for availability.

Is it possible to rent a boat for a period shorter than a week?

Yes, it is possible with us!

In Croatia, the sailing yachts are chartered from one Saturday afternoon to other Saturday morning usually.

Our company offers several days' long sailing trips and daily trip too. We are specialized and focused on that type of service also.

What time can I get on and off the sail yacht?

It depends on the cruising type you reserve, as you can see below:

1. Private One-day Sailing Trips: 09:00 departure and 18:00 arrival same day

2. Sailboat Charter 2 3 4 5 Days in Croatia: 12:00 midday departure and 12:00 midday arrival at the end of cruising

3. Luxury Weekly Yacht Charter Cruising Routes: 12:00 midday departure and 12:00 midday arrival at the end of cruising

How about food and drink?

Food and drink are not given on cruising trips. Clients buy food and drink based on their own taste and estimation (depends how much you plan to eat in restaurants etc.). If you wish to cook your food on the boat, you can do it too.

Am I permitted to come with my luggage?

Sure, you can take all your luggage with you. This is usual.

What would it be advisable for me to wear and what else do I have to carry with me?

You need to come with swimming suits, fitting garments, sunscreen, beach towels, drinks, caps. Track nearby weather report one week ahead of time as well and change based on this.

Will the cruising trip be called off in the event that it rains?

The daily sailing tour is probably canceled in the case of rainfall (you will communicate with me, and final decision will be made based on the more detailed estimation of weather conditions).

Multiple days private sailing tour is not canceled in the case of rainfall.

What happens in the case of a sudden storm?

In case there is a sudden storm and before the beginning of the tour, I as skipper holds the right to cancel or reschedule the daily tour.

If the daily trip has been paid for and afterward canceled due to climate conditions, there is a refund of 100% of the cost.

Multiple days private tours cannot be canceled based on weather conditions and are not refundable. Depends on weather condition people stay on the boat and we continue to sail when the weather is clear enough.

Crew list

Depends on the type of your cruising along with the booking confirmation, we send you a link to fill online the crew list that you are obliged to fill in with all the data requested. The number of the persons onboard should correspond with the number of the persons on the crew list. Changes of the crew are possible – however, this should be indicated in advance, before embarkation.

In case the crew suddenly changes during the cruise, without previous notice, the guests are obliged to contact and inform us about the changes in order for us to verify the new crew list.